Coffee and our goals 2015

2015 will be the year where Coffee and I will “go for” the Final in Danish National Championship class 2, and hopefully be one out of the five dogs who qualifies to the Final of DKK “Obedience dog of the year” class 2. Why not just passing the class 2 and aim at class 3 if Coffee knows the class 3 exercises?? Well….. It’s one thing that a teenager dog knows the exercises, but is the young dog mentally ready for the surrounding distractions which natural follows a class 3 competition??
I want Coffee mentally matured before I’m taking him up in higher classes. Don’t misunderstand me now, cause I don’t have any problem at all with Coffee being a youngster. He works fantastic in all types of surroundings. And that is exactly what I want him to continue to do in future! So we will go on train the higher classes exercises, and have a party in class 2. at the competitions, until we move on in the end of this year. At that time Coffee will be 2 years old…and still a very young man!

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