ABOUT Coffee

LP1 LP2 LP3 DKLPCH ELITE My Trusted Friend Loves Coffee was born 23.10.2013 in Norway.

He is a really a great dog. He is the sweetest, pleasing boy ever, and working obedience with him is such a joy. February 2016 Coffee joined FCI Class 3 for the first time.


:: 29/8-15 Coffee won Danish National Championship FCI Obedience class 2 with 218p (max 220)
:: 11/10-15 Coffee got his third certificate in Obedience class 3 and got the Danish National Obedience Champion title = DKLPCH. with 279p (Max 280) and also won The Championship of Funen in class 3.


:: DKELCH yes we got our third certificate in FCI Obedience class 3 (international class)

:: CACIOB yes we got a CACIOB

:: 2.nd winner in Danish National Championship 2016 .

:: 18/9 Coffee gained the title “DOG OF THE  YEAR 2016” in DKK,  FCI class 3 in Denmark 2016.

:: 12/11 Coffee gained the Prize “DOG OF THE YEAR 2016” in FCI class 3  in the Danish Border Collie Club.

Coffee has been introduced for the sheep, and he is very keen. One of my goals in 2016 is that we will do sheepherding several time a week from this spring. Coffee shows until now a very nice balance and flanks, so let’s see what I can bring out of him.

Coffee and I are proudly sponsorated by Olivers Petfood. Please click on logo below to get more information about this great food.

Here is a photoserie how Coffee has matured. On the first photo he is 15 weeks old.
Coffee 6 months old.
Coffee 10 months old.
Coffee 14 months old
Coffee 14 months old