About Cap

LP1 LP2 LP3 DKLPCH DKELCH Cap was born 23.04.2010 and is a son of Theo <3

Cap aka Ziggy is very much like his mom and dad: happy, happy, happy, and workoholic :-)) I feel very lucky having him in my life. For the moment we are training FCI International Obedience Class, so let’s see what’s happening in 2015.

In May 2013 Ziggy became Danish Obedience Champion (DKLPCH) 

In November 2013 Ziggy and I joined Danish Kennel Club’s Final of “Class 3-Obedience dog of the year 2013 in DKK”, and got a second place out of five finalists. I’m so proud of my Boy!

After a long pause from competitions we started summer 2015 in the International FCI Obedience class, and 8/8-15 he got a new title in his Pedigree DKELCH.

We have qualified to the Final in Danish National Championship in the Elite class ( FCI international class 3) in end of august as one of 15 dogs. 

Ziggy loves to herd, and in spring 2014 he was registrated on Merit (ROM) in ISDS.