Danish National and Dog of the year 2016

Pfffffff I haven’t been updating my homepage for a long time. Sorry!

Coffee and I have been busy this year chasing points, trying to qualify to the Danish National Team in Obedience… Chasing points, trying to qualify to the Danish National, and chasing points, trying to get enough points to be one of the five dogs in fci class 3 who join the final in “Dog of the Year” 2016.

In the Danish National Championship 2016 we became 2nd winner. Yes SILVER!?

image image

Photocredit: Helle Green. Thank you Helle!!

Yes, and we were one of the five who was in the final of “Obedience-DOG OF THE YEAR 2016” and YES … We was the winner of the day…. And our highest points from 5 international fci competitions, plus our points from the Final were put together to the result that … My Trusted Friend Loves Coffee is the winner of DOG OF THE YEAR  in Denmark fci class 3, 2016. ?

and… In Nordic Championship 2016 which takes place in december in Helsinki, Finland, Coffee and I will represent Denmark. I am so happy and proud of my boy.?

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