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-::-JAMIE-::- (R.I.P)

(LP1 LP2 LP3 DKLPCH DKELCH SLCH Fuglsang's Dashing Jamie Ull i Munn)



Reg.no.: 04833/2005


Date of birth: 12.03.2005 -  † 10.05.2010

ED: 0/0

EYE EXAMINATIONAffected CEA 02.05.2007




Jamie was my beloved obedience dog, and I'm so grateful having him in my life. He was a really Turbo-dog, and he loved running fast, and I have learned so much training him. We had some great years where he won everything you can win in Dk in Obedience class 2 and 3. In 2008, his last year as a trialdog, he joined WC in Stockholm and got a 24th place with 269,5p individual, and a 4 place with the danish national obedienceteam.

At the age of two years old his littersister died in DCM ( weak heart), and right after I ordered an appointment for scanning Jamies heart, just to see that Jamie didn't had the same.......unfortunately it showed he had the same decease, but in a early stage.

He had bad hips, but you couldn't see a thing on him, because of strong muscles keeping it together....but when I had to give him less physics because of his heart, the muscles around his hips became smaller, and he began to get pain.

In spring 2010, I had to face that his body couldn't take more, and he was put to sleep. just 5 years old. Life is sometime unfair.

R.I.P sweet Jamie