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Reg.no.: DK02465/2008 DNA CEA/CH: Genotype Normal
Date of birth: 12.01.2008

DNA CL: Genotype Normal

EYE EXAMINATION: Unaffected: 07.03.2008 and 19.08.2011

DNA TNS: Genotype Normal

GLAUCOMA: Unaffected (Free) 19.08.2011

DNA MDR1: Genotype Normal


B/B : Black Dominant.

ED: 0/0


SPONDYLOSIS: Unaffected (Free) 25.11.2009




Cash is a 46,5cm high, 12,2 kg, semicoated B/W bitch with the most kind and loving mind. She has an enormous motor, stamina and will to work. She is very small, but fast as the wind!

Cash and I train FCI's Obedienceprogram, and we are compeating in the Danish Obedience class 3. She has again qualified for the Danish mastership in FCI Obedience 2010, and I hope we'll win :-) ...ps and we did won!! Yubiiii yaaaa!

Cash just loves to herd, and she is very good at it.....unfortunately she has a very bad shepherd....... me!. Lack of time is another aspect of it. She uses her eyes good on the sheep without getting sticky, in a very stylish way. Cash met sheep for the first time at the age of 12 weeks old, and after three or four time on sheep, she could keep the sheep and do her first small outruns. She has natural outrun and very easy to handle...even for me :-)

Beside obedience and herding, Cash enjoys agility. Cash are training and compeating in agility together with her handler Julie, and they are doing really great.