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-::-CAP-::- (aka Ziggy)


Reg.no.: DK08171/2010 DNA CEA/CH: Normal through parentd
Date of birth: 23.04.2010

DNA CL: Normal through parents

EYE EXAMINATIONUnaffected: 14.06.2010, 20.01.2012; 19.02.2013; 07.01.2014

DNA TNS: Normal through parents

GLAUCOMA: Free 20.01.2012



DNA profile -

ED: 0/0

bbatat = red tricolor
OCD (SD): Free Pedigree
SPONDYLOSIS: Free 06.05.2011 Cap's photos
OFFSPRING OF ZIGGY DNA profile (ISAG Dog Comparison Test 2012)


Cap, aka Ziggy is a son of my Theo. He is 3,5 years old, 18.6kg, 54 cm

Ziggy is very much like his mom and dad: happy, happy, happy, and workoholic :-)) I feel very lucky having him in my life. I don't know if Theo and Cash agree with me...smiles...cause he takes peoples attention...away from them.

The 20/5-2013 Ziggy became Danish Obedience Champion, and has got a new title of his pedigree. His pedigree name is from today LP1 LP2 LP3 DKLPCH Cap.

3/11-2013 Ziggy and I joined the Final in the Danish Kennel Club's (DKK) Class 3 - Obedience dog of the year 2013 and became second winner out of 5 finalists! I'm so proud of my boy <3

Ziggy loves to herd, and he will 2014 start some trials. To be continue :-)

Ziggy is available for appropriate and approved bitches.